Eric Covert

Eric Covert is Vice President, Creative Content and Production, Disney Channels Worldwide.  He oversees the strategy, creative development, production and distribution of content involving Disney Channels Worldwide and any other division in The Walt Disney Company, including interstitials, music videos, long-form programming, TV specials and concerts.

Covert is responsible for the strategy and execution to support Disney Channels Worldwide brands on other networks and platforms throughout The Walt Disney Company including Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, onboard Disney Cruise Lines, on ABC, ESPN, ABC Family, and SOAPnet.

Covert is the Executive Producer and lead creative executive on “Disney’s Friends for Change: Project Green,” a corporate outreach initiative, overseeing all on-air creative content and strategy with, among other Disney divisions.  He is also the lead creative and production executive on Next X, the new programming and brand initiative from Disney XD and ESPN, and “Disney Channel Games” which achieved record ratings around the world, and resulted in the Emmy Award-winning

He also oversees a variety of short-form series including “Disney 365,” “Playhouse Disney 123,” “Disney XD Xtra,” “Leo Little’s Big Show,” “Disney’s Movie Surfers,” “Jonas Fan Van,” “Playhouse Disney Fun Facts,” “Movers Movin’ Moment” and “Get Connected.”  In addition, Covert oversees production and creative strategy for dozens of music videos produced with Disney Music Group and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for air on Disney Channels Worldwide.

Covert collaborates closely with Disney Channel and Disney XD programming and marketing executives on strategy, production and scheduling of content highlighting other divisions of The Walt Disney Company including behind-the-scenes interviews and exclusive content from new Disney movies and DVDs.

In addition, Covert oversees off-air creative content including DVD bonus features, sales presentations, video content for the Studio Disney 365 store and special projects related to content featuring Disney Channels Worldwide brands and talent.

A UCLA graduate, Covert resides in Glendale, CA with his wife, Maureen and their two children, Patrick and Charlotte.