Eduardo Conde Tega

eduardo conde tega ventura film festival(translated from Portuguese)
At an early age, Eduardo Conde Tega was already showing signs that the ball would be an inseparable companion throughout his life. In the region where he grew up in Jundiaí, São Paulo, he had the opportunity to chase the ball in different weights, colors and sizes throughout the urban city and fields. In this way Tega merged this “natural learning “, based in the “pedagogy of the street” with participating in the football club in the city, expanding his repertoire of skills and technical gestures. As a child, he already stood out from other kids in the same age.

For over 15 years, he was an athlete in football/soccer – from grassroots to high performance – through traditional clubs in the training of athletes. Tega competed in national and international championships, played overseas, met different cultures and, especially, made many friends through the ball.

With a degree in Physical Education and Bachelor of Business Administration with Post Graduate in Business Administration and Marketing of Football in ‘ESPM’ (Sao Paulo), he is part of the GEF – Group for Research and Football Unicamp and is the author of the blog Today, he is an executive at the University of Football®.

Married with two children, now Eduardo is an executive at the University of Football® ( moved by the conviction that football can contribute to a significant shift in favor of education, culture and citizenship in Brazil and worldwide.

Through this work, he organizes and coordinates services and consulting in Brazil and abroad, cast for clubs, associations, departments of sport, football schools, unions, universities, NGOs etc.

The University of Football® is also a wonderful and ambitious project. It was designed by the Prof. João Paulo Medina, one of the most respected professional in football nationally and internationally. Launched in 2003 through its online portal, the The University of Football® is a platform that brings the community connected to this sport and gathers thousands of people who work or are interested in this sport and cultural event beyond common sense, offering specialized content that encompasses the entire universe of Football, in its educational dimensions, high performance, participation and health.

Since then, the University of Football® works to be a reference in Brazil and worldwide. Based on clinical, research and systematic methodology of the Brazilian way of playing football, it uses creativity, imagination and pursuit of excellence in its basic ingredients. Understanding this “pedagogy of the street,” which led to the talent of the Brazilian football and systematize it methodically, it constitutes a major focus of experts in sport pedagogy linked to the project. This work has been built with the active participation and commitment of Tega, who knew how to join his experience as an athlete and professional football player to his strong academic background.

This proposal is being deepened by him, along with specialists from the University of Football® through contacts with leading professionals and interviews with former great athletes, and talented young Brazilians today. Thereafter, new methodological concepts are being made, trying to overcome fractured visions and technological approaches to adopt the principles of complexity, systemic view of the “pedagogy of the street,” the “theory of the game” among others, in developing talents.

As a technology enthusiast, Eduardo Tega is ultimately dedicated to the development of tools to support teaching, facilitating the learning process in football in its various dimensions. The first of them seeks to support the staff on the field who works in practice, taking a little more science to the pitch. The second tool, in the socio-educational arena, is aimed at teachers in school education, community workers, parents and coaches of football schools. One goal of this technological tool is to guide the teaching of football, using the sport as the theme generator in promoting values of being a good person and basic disciplines such as geography, history, physics, mathematics, etc.

Eduardo Conde Tega believes that Brazil may one day finally become a center of excellence in the training of professional football. He also dreams of Brazil being a ‘first world’ nation, where education and citizenship will have the attention and value that is deserved.

“Whoever wants to understand football only studying football, will never know everything about football.”
(Manuel Sérgio, Portuguese philosopher.)