The Ventura Film Festival is the largest film festival ever held in Ventura County. Filmmakers and writers from more than 25 countries participated in the last Ventura Film Festival and we already have thousands of films and screenplays submitted. Submissions are free, year round, and open to everyone.  You can send as many submissions as you want, of any type, at ANY TIME, FOR FREE!

Attendance Information

We give preference to world premiere, local films, and filmmakers/writers who will be attending the festival.

Notice: You must have a DCP copy of your film on USB hard drive for our super high quality Doremi ShowVault with Barco 4k digital projectors. You can get this done at Get a Ventura Film Festival special price by mentioning us to them. Or you can make it yourself using this guide and free software:

My film has not been screened yet and I am offering the world premiere to the Ventura Film Festival.

I am local to the Ventura area. Definition of local: This means you have a real connection to the Ventura community and spend more than a couple months a year in Ventura and/or your submission is about the Ventura area. Only check this box if you really are a local. Local cities include: Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and other cities within a 2 hour driving distance from Ventura.

If accepted into the Ventura Film Festival I will be attending at least 3 days of the Ventura Film Festival including the opening and closing nights and my film screening to give a Q/A. If I am submitting a screenplay/teleplay then I will be attending the Ventura Film Festival opening and closing nights and will be present at the Ventura Film Festival and available for a recorded interview and to sit in on a writers panel.

Submission Information

Yes, I have or will make a DCP copy of my film or I am a writer and will provide a PDF or txt file. Contact for more information.

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(note: Your link must work the first time. Your link must resolve directly to the file in one click. We will not log into sites like Dropbox, ftp, or any sites that require login. We will not spend time troubleshooting your Internet problems or hunting all over the Internet for your submission. Youtube is recommended. Emails are not accepted, only this form. Screenplays/teleplays are required to be PDF only. MS-WORD or other word processor files are not accepted. You may also just type filmfreeway if you have submitted your preview on
(hint: Start your link with http:// and use YouTube or PDF only.)

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